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Affordable web hosting plans to suit your business website hosting needs, endeavors and budget.
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Premium Quality Hosting For Websites

Our website SEO Enforcer is served through premium quality and affordable web hosting services. Offering website hosting solutions for a personal or business website. As an entrepreneur, start up or small business owner, you want premium quality hosting for your website at the lowest rates, and the services provided by Webhostar are competing with other low cost competitors and yet providing an awesome service to their clients. The hosting services are really up there with the best, and even an established website owner may want to transfer their domain and website to take advantage of the cost cutting web hosting plans.

Affordable Web Hosting Packages With Dedicated Support

The web hosting packages we can provide include dedicated support, management services and in-house extras from a low cost of only $2.95 US a month. There are also five individual servers available to choose from, so if you are based in or near the U.S, U.K, Finland, Bulgaria or Australia, then your business website can be served to customers nearer to your business location.

User Friendly Website Hosting Control Panel

The underrated Hepsia Control Panel, is the hosting Control Panel which is included in all the shared web hosting plans. It is very easy to use and also comes with a range of free hosting tools and includes many extras. You will have the ability to host multiple domains on one server if you upgrade to the business, corporate or enterprise plans. There is the drag 'n' drop functionality, while providing easy file uploading and management. The hosting management system is cutting edge and it is in our view the best web hosting Control Panel available on the market. You can easily monitor your sites web statistics and make modifications to your website files in real time. Take a look inside the fully featured control panel demo. For those who would prefer cPanel, this is also available, but only with the VPS hosting, semi-dedicated or deticated server hosting plans.

Managed Web Hosting Services

If you would like SEO Enforcer to manage your current website with the online presence of SEO and digital marketing, then we can do that for you as well. If you have a domain in mind for your startup or business, you could register your domain and website hosting, or contact us for setting up and arranging to manage the web hosting and domain services for you under your name.

Wordpress Website Development

​We offer Wordpress Small Business Website development to get your business online at a very competitive rate. We install the website script on the domain that you want, or a script thats suit the type of business you have, and if you have already purchased a website script or theme from a web designer, then we can upload the files into the account and get the website operational. There are free scripts available within the web hosting Control Panel as well, such as WordPress, which has become the most widely used script in the world and is user friendly with many free plugins to choose from.

If you have any questions in regards to web hosting with website development services, contact us and we will be in touch.

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