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Reach New Customers In Local Search Results

Competition among companies and small businesses around the world is at an all-time high as more people search online. There has been a growth rate of over 900% in mobile searches where people are now looking to find local businesses. Whether it’s for food or a photographer, people are using the “near me” local search term that is available in the Google search engine. The Google Map Pack is a group of 3 businesses that will be visible in search results when looking for a particular product or service that you may be considering as a consumer, and this is where you want your local business to be found. For businesses within the top 3 map pack, this shows local people your business to be one of the most relevant and preferred from Google’s point of view.

Google Map Pack Services For Local Business

With Google My Business taking center stage within the respective search engine, the Google Map Pack now holds the top position in over 90% of all Google searches worldwide. There are some staggering statistics regarding local search, with over 80% of people finding a business’s location in Google maps. The results within these searches tend to lead to a sale within 24 hours.

Over 80% of people find the location of businesses in Google Maps, and over 60% of people who search from a mobile device are also likely to contact a local business or company if they have a mobile-friendly website. However, not all businesses are taking advantage of Google Maps or the business listing opportunity within Google. 

You can see the example of what the Google Map Pack looks like, and you will see how it can help and what it could mean for your business to be found at the top of local searches.

Google Map Pack SEO Agency

Get Your Business Into The Google Map Pack

The proximity to local customers is one of the top 3 key elements that will influence your business’s Google Map Pack rankings. Our service focuses on ranking your business in the town or city 10km within your actual business address for the primary keywords that you are targeting. In our experience, this can take anywhere from 5-10 weeks, although this can be determined by the direct competition within your local area. When we secure the placement of your business in the Map Pack for the postcode of your location, we then move the focus toward ranking your business in the Map Pack in other towns or cities you service in the greater region beyond 10kms. If your service area is relatively small, we will target additional keywords to reach your targeted market on search engine result pages (SERP).

What We Will Need From You

Firstly, we will require basic business information, such as the name, address, phone number, and your details for contact. We will also need you to grant us access to your Google My Business, Bing Places, and Yelp accounts if you have them set up. If you don’t have these accounts set up, we can do it for you using your business email, or we will teach you how to create these accounts for your business. 

To get started, contact us directly, and we can begin ranking your business for local search!

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